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PayUp! A Policyholders Guide to Insurance By Forbes Books

Merlin Law Group cares about insurance consumers’ interests. Insurance company lawyers only care about their profits and profits for their insurers. I mentioned in David Berardinelli Was a Policyholder Advocate, that I would be completing a book with ForbesBooks about insurance policyholders and this book, Payup!, is about to be published this November.… Continue Reading

Appraisals: A Comment on the Scott deLuise Post Regarding Colorado Appraisals and Failed Colorado Appraisal Legislation

American politics and government can make people extraordinarily upset. The very nature of democracy, modern regulation, those being regulated and those regulating promotes active and emotional disagreements of what is the best public policy and how it should be determined. So, my first observation from yesterday’s post, Colorado House Bill 18-1153 Concerning Appraisals for Insurance … Continue Reading

Where Wind Meets Fire – Wildfire

Last week, Richard Tutwiler of Tutwiler and Associates, Matthew Garnett of Vernis and Bowling, Heather Filegar of Southern Healthy Homes, and I presented at the 2018 Windstorm Insurance Conference at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel. Rick Tutwiler who will be the President of the Windstorm Insurance Network in 2020, wanted to expand the course offering … Continue Reading

Save the Date – Windstorm Insurance Conference January 19-22, 2015

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the First Party Claims Conference in Warwick, Rhode Island, along with several of my Merlin Law Group colleagues. FPCC is a great opportunity to attend great presentations, earn CE credits, and network with some of the best in the claims advocacy industry. Another important conference is coming … Continue Reading

Ethics of Appraisers—Just Wishful Thinking?

Nobody publicly admits that they are acting unethical. Yet, for many endeavors in life, there are neither established ethical standards nor many rules explaining what fair and just behavior should entail. Until recently, I would suggest that appraisers and the appraisal process in many venues was a process with few rules and no ethical standards. … Continue Reading

I think I have a Business Interruption Claim, Now What? – Understanding Business Interruption Claims

I attended the 13th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference® in Orlando last week. Windstorm is one of those rare meetings that bring all types of industry professionals together (regardless of affiliation) to engage in professional debates about the trends and issues recurring in the first party property and casualty industry.… Continue Reading

Layered Insurance Coverage Overshadowed By Keni Thomas

The Windstorm Insurance Network® held its regional symposium in Atlanta yesterday. I was the moderator of a panel on layered insurance programs. My panel included Harvey Goodman, of Adjusters International and Goodman, Gable and Gould, John Intondi of AXIS and Matt Litsky from Phelps Dunbar. These are some very prominent and experienced professionals. After going over … Continue Reading

Timely Windstorm Conference in Georgia

As reported in Wind® Regional Symposium in Atlanta May 10, 2011, the Windstorm Insurance Network® is sponsoring a Regional Symposium in Georgia regarding windstorm claims,  Given the recent tornados and severe windstorm destruction, this conference is extraordinarily timely for adjusters who are addressing these issues.… Continue Reading

Safety Instructions for Public Adjusters

For public insurance adjusters, safety should be a top concern when inspecting a loss. I wanted to remind public adjusters how important it is to be aware of your personal safety when adjusting losses. You are often put in dangerous situations, and it is human nature to take safety and security for granted. Sometimes it … Continue Reading

The Fantastic Adjuster

In a few hours, I will become the President of the Windstorm Insurance Network. The 12th Annual Windstorm Conference has provided some impressions and reminded me of the silent majority of insurance adjusters who go about their jobs providing peace of mind and certainly overpaying parts of claims.… Continue Reading

The Windstorm Conference: A Claims and Insurance Law Conference That Cannot Be Missed

Insurance defense attorney Janet Brown founded a valuable organization and conference for the windstorm insurance industry where ideas and lessons are shared every year. The 12th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference will be held in Houston on January 24-27, 2011. For claims adjusters and those involved with hurricane or tornado losses, this is a "can’t miss" event.… Continue Reading

The Story behind the Story—32 Years as Public Insurance Adjuster, Zeak knows Sinkholes

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal Published the article, "Sinkhole Claims Threaten To Engulf Florida Insurers." Chip Merlin promptly provided this story to you in his post, Public Adjusters and Sinkhole Claims Topic of Wall Street Journal Story. There were several comments on the post which provided perspective from the field. The public insurance adjuster … Continue Reading

Flood Adjustment Methods Discovered in Qui Tam Case

Slabbed has been dogged regarding its reporting on the Mississippi qui tam litigation involving State Farm. A recent post, Rigsbys file “Motion to Reconsider Scope of Proceedings in Light of Evidence Adduced in Discovery” – ask Court for additional time to conduct Discovery into “the Scheme,” provides some insight regarding the flood adjustment techniques required … Continue Reading

Texas Windstorm Insurance Network Symposium Set May 11 in Dallas

Texas is where "the game" is being played regarding insurance coverage disputes in 2010. The Windstorm Insurance Network will hold its second Texas Insurance Symposium on May 11, 2010, in Dallas, Texas, where many of the issues related to windstorm coverage will be discussed. Certainly, the coverage issues raised by Hurricane Ike litigation will be highlighted.… Continue Reading

The 2010 Windstorm Insurance Conference

If you are involved in hurricane claims in any manner, you need to register and go to the 2010 Windstorm Insurance Conference. It will be held from January 25 through 28, at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront in Jacksonville, Florida. It is the only Conference devoted soley to windstorm insurance issues.… Continue Reading

Umpire Certification for Property Insurance Appraisals and an Umpire Code of Ethics by The Windstorm Insurance Network

One of the more successful professional organizations that I have been involved with over the past decade is the Windstorm Network. Insurance defense attorney, Janet Brown, conceived the idea. It has an Umpire Program that provides classes for certification for the appraisal of property insurance disputes, an Umpire Directory, and a Code of Ethics, which has been approved … Continue Reading