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Hurricane Watching on the Internet

Guessing where a hurricane is heading is not an exact science. Those predictions are much better today than in the past due to better hurricane modeling. Via television, everybody can get constant updates on The Weather Channel. As Tropical Storm Bonnie approaches the oil drenched areas of the Gulf of Mexico, I wanted to share a … Continue Reading

Weak El Nino and Cooler Tropical Waters Lead to Predictions of Fewer Hurricanes

Hurricane prognosticators are still trying to beat psychics at the game of hurricane prediction. As I indicated in two past posts, When, Where and How Big are the Windstorms of the 2009 Hurricane Season? and Psychic Predicts No Hurricanes On Florida’s Treasure Coast, both scientists and psychics claim credit when they accurately predict a hurricane … Continue Reading

Another Hurricane Bertha

Rarely do hurricanes which start as storms off the African coast make it all the way across the Atlantic to the United States in the hurricane months of June and July. The last one to do so was Hurricane Bertha in 1996. Some of my blogging meteorologist colleagues began following a huge weather wave last week. (You … Continue Reading