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Rene Sigman is a Rebel with a Cause—Stopping Laws and Regulations That Harm Policyholders

Last week at the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjuster (TAPIA) Fall Conference, Rene Sigman made the most dramatic speech ever at a public adjuster conference—and did it twice in one day. She stood up to a Texas politician railing about his constituents being harmed by bad laws and bad faith insurance companies. She called … Continue Reading

More Problems With TWIA – Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

Hurricane Harvey victims along the Gulf Coast continue to fight for proper claims treatment from Texas Windstorm Insurance Association—better known as TWIA. On August 27, 2018, KPRC Channel 2 News Houston profiled the ongoing problems property owners are facing with their TWIA claims. KPRC Channel 2 News Houston interviewed me as part of its ongoing … Continue Reading

Are TWIA Appraisals Ever Fair or Impartial?

TWIA (short for Texas Windstorm Insurance Association), frequently referred to as the Texas windstorm insurance carrier of last resort, just can’t seem to get this insurance claims handling thing right. A conclusion quite alarming considering that insurance claims handling is one of the primary functions of its business. At this point many are left wondering … Continue Reading

Commissioner of Insurance Extends Deadline for Policyholders to Demand Appraisal for Damages Caused by Hurricane Harvey

On April 18, 2018, the Texas Commissioner of Insurance issued Order No. 2018-5463, extending the deadline for a Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) policyholder to demand appraisal on their Hurricane Harvey claim. Harvey made landfall in Texas and affected several parts of the Greater Houston area as well as several coastal areas from August 25 … Continue Reading

(T)exas (W)indstorm (I)nsurance (A)ssociation (TWIA) Important information and Deadlines for Hurricane Harvey Claims

According to TWIA’s website, as of November 15, 2017, TWIA has received 72,902 claims related to Hurricane Harvey. So, what happens next? Many of TWIA’s policies, procedures and deadlines are different from that of a typical homeowner’s policy. Thus, it is imperative you read your policy to ensure no deadlines are missed. Below are important … Continue Reading

TWIA Is Acting with Wrongful Impunity Against Texans

Rene Sigman is co-chairing an important Hurricane Harvey seminar today discussing all the Hurricane Harvey issues. Yours truly is on a panel discussing how Hurricane Harvey differs from other hurricane litigation, but there is one similarity even worse. . .TWIA is again on the warpath against its own customers.… Continue Reading

Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner’s Response to State Rep. Smithee’s Concerns Regarding TWIA

A few weeks ago, I wrote about State Representative John Smithee’s letter to Texas Department of Insurance (“TDI”) Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman, in which he expressed his concerns over the solvency of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (“TWIA”). Rep. Smithee, along with insurance professional David Crump, assessed data showing that TWIA would be unable to pay … Continue Reading

TWIA Policy Changes Summary

At last Thursday’s Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Spring Conference, a public adjuster asked me about the recent changes to Texas Windstorm Insurance Association policies. I found this summary on TWIA’s website, and thought it might be helpful for everyone to see.… Continue Reading

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association Found to be in Violation of Texas Law

On Friday, July 15, 2011, the Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner issued a ruling stating that the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) had “violated the insurance laws of the State of Texas….” Specifically, the Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner found that TWIA violated state law by deceiving and taking advantage of TWIA policyholders after thousands … Continue Reading

Texas Windstorm Reform Bill Passed, Sent to Governor

Before the end of the last Texas legislative session, the Texas legislature ended their Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) reform stalemate and passed a comprehensive reform bill it hopes will better prepare TWIA for future catastrophes. The bill was sent to the governor, but he has yet to sign it.… Continue Reading

TWIA Taken Over By Texas Insurance Commissioner’s Ruling

A special hearing has been set this Friday regarding Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) Hurricane Ike litigation following TWIA being placed under administrative oversight. The Texas Department of Insurance has the power to place TWIA under its control during a time of crisis. Apparently, new information provided to the Department of Insurance lead to the finding … Continue Reading

Slabbed Class Action Settlement Approved in Texas

Texas Judge Susan Criss signed an Order this morning approving the settlement of the slabbed cases from Hurricane Ike. She made the following findings: 4. The Court finds that the Settlement was negotiated at arm’s length by Plaintiffs’ counsel and TWIA’s counsel. The Settlement is reasonable in light of the uncertainty as to whether the Class … Continue Reading

Texas Windstorm Insurer Settles 2,400 Hurricane Ike Slab Claims

The Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula slab cases are settling. There was an agreement between the Texas attorneys that nothing would come out in the press until the clients signed the agreements. Since even the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) participated with a press release, I assume that the gentlemen’s confidentiality agreement to wait on … Continue Reading

Rates are the “Elephant in the Room” with Government Sponsored Property Insurance Programs

One of my TWIA slab case clients was very happy about the proposed resolution of her claim. Her tone changed when she mentioned that TWIA raising rates five percent. I have often felt that our elected leaders are in a no-win situation when the people electing them to office hold a noose over their neck … Continue Reading

Back on the Texas Ranch-Hurricane Litigation and Settlement Discussions are Raging

The Texas hurricane insurance coverage disputes caused by Hurricane Dolly and Hurricane Ike are fully engaged. Texas’ two year statutes of limitation are approaching. New law suits are being filed, pending lawsuits are being set for trial, settlement conferences are causing great frustration, and the discovery battles between insurance counsel and policyholder counsel are considerable … Continue Reading

TWIA Texas Slab Depositions Get Started Today

Today’s deposition of Professor William Spelman starts a series of depositions in the Texas slab cases involving TWIA. Several weeks ago, policyholder attorneys, including myself, met in Galveston to organize a series of depositions and decide upon the work assignments for these cases. This will be the first of many depositions and discovery attempts by policyholder … Continue Reading

Preparation For TWIA Depositions Are Underway

A recent order from Galveston County regarding the TWIA litigation specifically names the TWIA representatives who will be deposed and the manner in which the depositions will take place. Suffice it to say that it is no easy challenge preparing for these depositions (see attached order). As members of the Plaintiff’s Ike committee, the members … Continue Reading