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Rene Sigman is a Rebel with a Cause—Stopping Laws and Regulations That Harm Policyholders

Last week at the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjuster (TAPIA) Fall Conference, Rene Sigman made the most dramatic speech ever at a public adjuster conference—and did it twice in one day. She stood up to a Texas politician railing about his constituents being harmed by bad laws and bad faith insurance companies. She called … Continue Reading

The Texas Department of Insurance Deserves to Know Your Complaints About an Insurance Company or Adjuster

If you are unhappy or have a complaint with how you were treated by your insurance company or adjuster it’s important to let the Texas Department of Insurance know. Many people do not realize that they can file an official complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance (“TDI”) for various bad acts or mistreatment by … Continue Reading

Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner’s Response to State Rep. Smithee’s Concerns Regarding TWIA

A few weeks ago, I wrote about State Representative John Smithee’s letter to Texas Department of Insurance (“TDI”) Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman, in which he expressed his concerns over the solvency of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (“TWIA”). Rep. Smithee, along with insurance professional David Crump, assessed data showing that TWIA would be unable to pay … Continue Reading

Hail Damage: McAllen, Texas

When you think about hail damage in Texas, many of you probably think about the hail storm that hit the Dallas area a few months back. However, Dallas isn’t the only city in Texas ravaged by a severe hail storm recently. McAllen, Texas, is still suffering the effects of not one, but two hail storms … Continue Reading

Roofers and Contractors Targeted by Texas Department of Insurance

The Texas Department of Insurance issued a bulletin this week indicating it is targeting contractors and roofing companies that "have been advertising or performing acts that would require them to hold a public insurance adjuster license." The bulletin provided grounds for the public warning: It has come to the attention of the Texas Department of … Continue Reading

Disciplinary Information Has Become Harder to Find Under New Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman

If you wanted to find out whether an attorney you were thinking about hiring has ever been disciplined by the Texas Bar, you can find that information online. It is made available to the public by the Texas Bar. The same goes for doctors, nurses, and a bunch of other licensed professionals whose overseeing regulators … Continue Reading

No Push Back from Texas Department of Insurance on Allstate Rate Increases Despite Allstate $750 Million Operating Income in Fourth Quarter of 2011

As expected, the Texas Department of Insurance – the government regulator in charge of overseeing the insurance industry (also known as “protecting the public”) – has approved Allstate Texas Lloyd’s request to raise rates across Texas by 5.7%. The Texas Department of Insurance has the ability to deny any requested rate hike if it determines … Continue Reading

TWIA Receives Litigation, Media and Regulatory Critical Analysis for the Manner it Treats Customers During Adjustment

Does anybody think that TWIA is doing a "good job" of adjusting hurricane claims other than the private member insurance companies on TWIA’s Board of Directors? In a prior post, TWIA Insurance Claims Under Investigation by Regulators and Media, I noted that the Texas Department of Insurance attorneys are conducting an investigation into activities of … Continue Reading

Texas Department of Insurance Actively Seeks Information Regarding TWIA Claims Misconduct

The seminar our firm hosted for public adjusters went extremely well, with very practical information exchanged between adjusters, engineers, and attorneys. The Texas Department of Insurance had an attorney from its enforcement division attend. I felt it was a significant learning experience for her as well. Most people do not understand how complicated evaluating damage … Continue Reading

TWIA Insurance Claims Under Investigation by Regulators and Media–An Invite to TWIA Claims Executives to a Public Meeting in Houston Next Friday Regarding Those Accusations!

I have been involved in a lot of disputed property insurance claims in many venues over the past twenty-five years where emotions run high, but the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) is the blue ribbon winner in Texas for policyholders that hate how they have been treated. And, it is not just limited to the … Continue Reading

Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA) to Have Introductory Meeting Sept 11 Following Adjusting Seminar

Mary Fortson has been quite busy working with Jim Beneke and Art Jansen reinstating the non-profit and corporate status of TAPIA for the past several months. With that accomplished, there will be an introductory meeting to which all licensed Texas public insurance adjusters are welcome and encouraged to attend immediately following the Merlin Law Group Hurricane … Continue Reading

How Texas Public Adjusters Can Win Appraisals and Obtain Full Recovery from TWIA and other Texas Insurers: Chip Merlin Hosts a Public Adjuster Seminar on the Eve of Hurricane Ike

Merlin Law Group will host a seminar in Houston, Texas, for public insurance adjusters close to the anniversary of Hurricane Ike. I promise that this will be dedicated to a "lay of the land" regarding tips and strategies for public insurance adjusters to service policyholders with quicker and fuller resolutions. Appraisal and the processes and techniques … Continue Reading

Texas TWIA Bill Passes with Consumer Protections and Crist has Surplus Lines Bill

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) has a new operations plan and laws that affect it, assuming Governor Perry signs the legislation. The good news for TWIA policyholders is that the consumer protections of Chapter 541 are still in place. The bad news is that I predict rates are going to increase substantially.… Continue Reading

The Politics of Insurance: Dinallo Resigns, Crist Hints of Veto and Texas TWIA Bill in Limbo

What happened to the time when a significant insurance coverage decision arrived and everybody in my line of work analyzed that topic for several years? Now, the insurance industry is writing so many new and differently worded forms, it is hard to rely upon case decisions as being of widespread significance. If a case decision … Continue Reading