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Supplemental Insurance Claims – Insureds Beware of Requirements Outside the Policy

Supplemental claims are becoming more common, especially on large projects where additional loss and damage may be discovered while completing the repairs or replacement. But what happens when the insurance company places conditions or limitations not contained within the policy upon the submission of a supplemental claim for additional or missed damages?… Continue Reading

Appellate Court Affirms Trial Court Order Compelling Appraisal for Supplemental Hurricane Claim

On Wednesday, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal issued an opinion affirming a trial court’s order compelling appraisal of a homeowners’ supplemental Hurricane Katrina claim.1 The insureds, the Cardelles, had filed claims with State Farm after Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005. After each hurricane the insureds reported property damage to State Farm. They obtained … Continue Reading

Federal Court Rules Insured Who Has Accepted a Settlement Agreement Cannot Assert Additional Claim Based on Amended Proof Of Loss

Before you agree to settle your insurance claim, make sure that you have no additional or supplemental claims stemming from the original you want to collect on. A federal court recently ruled in favor of the carrier on a motion for summary judgment on the issue of whether an insured could assert an additional claim … Continue Reading

Late Notice Of The Claim, Part 3: Is The Hurricane Re-Open Claim A “Supplemental Claim”?

Continuing with our discussion regarding late notice and prejudice defenses asserted by insurers, when is a re-opened hurricane claim a “supplemental claim?” This issue often presents itself in the context of a demand for appraisal by the policyholder on a re-opened hurricane claim. Insurance carriers treat the re-opened claim as a “supplemental claim” because a … Continue Reading