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Thank you!

I want to thank everyone who helped us achieve a hard fought victory in my August 30th primary for the Florida House of Representatives. My law firm colleagues have been with me every step of this journey. They never wavered in their support and were there to offer whatever assistance I needed on my cases. … Continue Reading

Sean Shaw Wins Election

Last Tuesday night, I held my head in my hands almost crying after Sean Shaw confirmed he won election to Florida’s House of Representatives by a little more than a hundred votes. I could see the relief in Sean’s eyes as well. Waiting for a jury verdict and results from an election have certain similar … Continue Reading

New Florida Sinkhole Law Effective July 1, 2016

Under a new law that takes effect July 1, 2016, insurers may offer a new type of personal lines residential sinkhole coverage. Florida Governor Rick Scott signed CS/CS/SB 1274 into law, which created Section 627.7151, Florida Statutes, allowing insurance companies, at their option, to provide limited sinkhole coverage for a “sinkhole loss” to homeowners—which is … Continue Reading

Fill in the Blank

You cannot make this stuff up. Anyone who reads this blog knows how frustrated I get with the insurance industry’s constant complaints that “[Fill in the Blank] is responsible for rising premiums.” The [Fill in the Blank] is always something different depending on what year it is—sinkholes, water claims, fraud, trial lawyers, hurricanes, reinsurance, political … Continue Reading

Here we go again …

Since the Florida Legislature is currently in session, we are being inundated with insurance industry talking points in the media. The most consistent talking point, and the one that frustrates me the most, is that we need to eradicate “fraud” because it is costing consumers money.… Continue Reading

Update on Assignment of Benefits Legislation

In October of last year I wrote a blog on the Florida Legislature’s efforts to alter the laws regarding Assignment of Benefits.Since that time, there have been some changes to the bills (House Bill 1097 and Senate Bill 596) as originally drafted. In particular, Senate Bill 596 underwent some significant changes just this week. The … Continue Reading

Legislative Session 2016 – Some Things Never Change

We are at the start of Florida’s Legislative Session for 2016. As usual, policyholders have much to be wary of when the Legislature meets. Besides losing Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, (click here for a great editorial on his tenure), the industry is pursuing its usual wish list. Despite years of Florida’s Legislature passing pro-industry legislation—with … Continue Reading

New Jersey Legislature Considers a Bad Faith Statute for Catastrophe Claims

Initially introduced in January 2014, Assembly Bill No. 231 made its way before New Jersey lawmakers during a committee hearing on December 10, 2015. The bill, “establishes a private cause of action for insureds or their assignees regarding unfair practices in the settlement or attempted settlement of insurance claims arising out of a declared disaster.”… Continue Reading

CAPIA Calls Out to All Licensed Public Adjusters for November 9, 2015 Meeting at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Orange County, South Coast Plaza

On November 9, 2015 at 11am, CAPIA renews its fight against Senate Bill 488 after the bill turned into a two year bill earlier this year. CAPIA will hold an informative membership general meeting to discuss the bill and reach out to all public adjusters to invite and encourage input into the needs of the … Continue Reading

Assignment of Benefits

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that the Florida Legislature passed no meaningful laws regarding assignment of benefits (AOBs) during this past Session. Although AOBs were a hot topic in Tallahassee, insurers could not agree on how to deal with this issue.… Continue Reading

State Law Sets New Requirements for Public Adjusters

On May 11, 2015, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law SB 439, which modifies and changes current laws relating to public insurance adjusters. The bill, first introduced by the Oklahoma Senate on February 2, 2015, “aims to protect Oklahoma storm victims, and ensure transparency and accountability in the insurance adjusting process.”1… Continue Reading

Strange Bedfellows

I consume a lot of news regarding policyholder regulations and laws around the country. However, for various reasons, I am always on the lookout for such news from the state of Texas. In many ways, Texas is similar to Florida: Texas is vulnerable to hurricanes and other natural disasters, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) … Continue Reading

The Sky Is Falling: Assignment of Benefits–This Year’s Insurer “Crisis”

The recent legislative activity around Assignment of Benefits (AOBs) has been interesting…but predictable. Almost every session, the insurance industry tells us that “the sky is falling” and that the insurance marketplace in Florida will implode if (insert alleged crisis) is not addressed. These crises can be sinkholes, regulatory oversight by the Office of Insurance Regulation, … Continue Reading

2015 Insurance Issues in Florida Legislature

The Florida Legislature is currently in session. Therefore, we all must keep an eye out for changes that can affect policyholder rights and obligations. I have listed three bills below that merit attention (they each have Senate companions but I only focused on the House versions):… Continue Reading