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Are Property Insurance Appraisers Regulated? – A Reminder of Recently Enacted HB 911 for Those Heading to Florida to Assist with Hurricane Michael

House Bill 911, effective January 1, 2018, was filed by Representative Sean Shaw and enacted by the Florida Legislature to amend Fla. Stat. § 626.854, which protects policyholders through the regulation of public adjusters. Chip Merlin discussed this new law in detail in his post on July 2, 2017. In requiring public adjusters to be … Continue Reading

Sean Shaw Wins Election

Last Tuesday night, I held my head in my hands almost crying after Sean Shaw confirmed he won election to Florida’s House of Representatives by a little more than a hundred votes. I could see the relief in Sean’s eyes as well. Waiting for a jury verdict and results from an election have certain similar … Continue Reading

Are Florida Policyholders With Sinkhole Losses Doomed Without Coverage?

The fix appears to be in for sinkhole losses. The insurance industry and lobby worked hard to set the rhetoric in its favor. Florida’s Insurance Commissioner seems to now be more concerned about appeasing the insurance industry to keep his job rather than taking on an industry he used to battle. Many policyholders with property … Continue Reading

Consumer Advocates Call “Insurance Choice” Legislation Misleading

Three consumer advocates published a letter, Property Insurance Deregulation Too Costly, which claims that currently proposed Florida legislation calling for no regulation of insurance rates is bad for Floridians "because the average consumer does not have the resources or information to determine when a rate is excessive, the opportunity for the [insurance] company to abuse consumers … Continue Reading

Sean Shaw is a Refreshing and Intelligent Advocate for Floridians–We Deserve This Type of Representation

Why do so many of our politicians play to the lobbyists and support laws that harm the average person and voter? This is exactly what has happened with important laws sponsored by the insurance industry lobbyists and then proposed by Florida Senator Mike Bennett of Bradenton and Representative Bill Proctor of St. Augustine. These politicians … Continue Reading

Florida Roundtable Appraisal Agenda Set

This Wednesday will be the Roundtable discussion regarding appraisal. It will be significant and I urge anybody with an opinion or interest to write to Sean Shaw, the Insurance Consumer Advocate. You can also watch the roundtable at WFSU Florida Channel and call into the conference at 1-888-808-6959 Code: 4132880.… Continue Reading

Sean Shaw Has Full 2010 Legislative Agenda–Including Public Adjuster Issues

Miami Herald reporter, Bea Garcia, wrote a very important story, Tackling Contentious Insurance Issues, concerning Insurance Consumer Advocate Sean Shaw. It appears the Roundtable meeting I wrote about in Alternative Resolution Roundtable: Appraisal is the Hot Topic and Is There Any Chance that Appraisal Will Stay the Same in Florida?, is going to be an important last meeting … Continue Reading