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Safeco Loses Bad Faith Appeal

In January 2011, I wrote a series of posts titled A Wisconsin Policyholder’s Success in a Bad Faith Lawsuit Against Safeco. In the case, the policyholders suffered extensive water and mold damage and filed a claim with Safeco. The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin ruled in favor of the policyholders, … Continue Reading

Is Safeco “Hiding the Ball” ?

When evaluating the various bad faith allegations that can be asserted against a carrier, a number of things come to mind. Some of my prior posts addressed programs that are implemented to reward insurance company adjusters for paying less on claims. Some of my posts addressed how policyholders are subtly, if not overtly, discouraged from … Continue Reading

Don’t Forget to Consider the Severity of Your Claim: Part II

Last week in Don’t Forget to Consider the Severity of Your Claim, I wrote about what severity means in the insurance context. We also started to talk about how severity can affect whether the insured’s claim was handled fairly by the insurer. Let’s hear a little more about what some of these carriers have to say … Continue Reading

Don’t Forget to Consider the Severity of Your Claim

Many of you probably think that I am referring to the extent of damage of a claim or a claim involving a total loss. The word “severity” naturally conjures up the thought of something that is serious or grievous. But I’m actually writing about something many of you probably don’t know all that much about. … Continue Reading

Slow Adjustment and Wrongful Delays in Appraisal Subject Insurers to Unfair Claims Practice Lawsuits

Safeco Insurance Company and its subsidiaries are certainly getting headlines regarding claims practice controversies and bad faith lawsuits. I discussed a Texas Safeco appraisal dispute in Litigation Discovery Continues During Appraisal of Damages in Texas Federal Court earlier this week. A recent case from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Magaldi … Continue Reading

Litigation Discovery Continues During Appraisal of Damages in Texas Federal Court

American Economy Insurance Company, a Safeco subsidiary, takes different positions on appraisal and litigation in Texas. While American Economy refused to abate discovery in a matter I am litigating, it unsuccessfully argued to abate formal litigation discovery in another case, Tran v. Am. Econ. Ins. Co., 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 66283 (S.D. Tex. July 2, … Continue Reading

“Going Through the Motions” Part II

This week, I have another example of how a properly drafted Motion to Compel can make a world of a difference in the progress of your case. In a case against Safeco, a plaintiff’s attorney included the following argument in his motion: These discovery requests seek documents aimed at Safeco’s attempts to institutionally turn claim … Continue Reading

Learning Obligations of Good Faith Insurance Claims Conduct and Litigation Strategies Through Safeco and Liberty Mutual Examples

Safeco Insurance Company cancelled depositions in a Texas insurance litigation matter yesterday. So, we spent the day working on Safeco and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company discovery and networking with other consumer attorneys who are helping clients with Safeco and Liberty Mutual claims problems. The collegiality of policyholder attorneys helping each other is refreshing. The Texas … Continue Reading

Liberty Mutual Claims Documents Ordered Produced

Vivian Persand is making headway against Safeco and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Sharing information and networking with similarly situated policyholders who are litigating issues involving the companies’ claims management practices and underpayment of claims is important. Attorneys who do share information reduce the cost of litigation for their clients, show that the insurance defense attorneys generally … Continue Reading

Happy New Year!!

Insurance advertisements have never been more entertaining. While perusing the net for information regarding Safeco and Liberty Mutual, I came across a number of insurance company television advertisements. We often use ad firms to find and pull the ads of some of our opponent insurers. It can be done cheaply through YouTube.… Continue Reading

Safeco and Liberty Mutual Claims Practices Questioned on a National Basis: Policyholders Organize Against Wrongful Claims Practices

Suppose you knew that your insurance company had started a new claims practice program called “Quantum Leap” to increase corporate practices by making certain no claim was overpaid—would you buy that insurance? Would you feel peace of mine if you knew that secret program was in place and had such a claims philosophy?… Continue Reading