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How Does the Ordinance Section of My Insurance Policy Affect the Florida “25% Rule”?

Section 708.1.1 of the Florida Building Code, often referred to as the “25% Rule,” implements guidelines for roof replacement requirements. The section states, Not more than 25 percent of the total roof area or roof section of any existing building or structure shall be repaired, replaced or recovered in any 12-month period unless the entire … Continue Reading

Roof Exclusions: A Lower Premium Could Cost You Big

When renewing your insurance premium, it’s common for your insurance agent to offer you any discounts you qualify for. These discounts can range in size from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the discount. For example, it is well known that a multi-policy discount can save you hundreds of dollars annually when … Continue Reading

The Use of Shrink Wrap on Roofs

Note: This guest post is by Steven Thomas. As President and Owner of Roof Leak Detection Company, Inc., Steven Thomas has evaluated over 20,000 roofing systems on commercial, industrial, and residential properties, and has been qualified in court as an expert in regards to roof testing and evaluations. His company is an approved Testing Laboratory … Continue Reading

State Farm Operation Guidelines Regarding Wind and Hail Damage to Composition Roofs

Insurance companies routinely have instructions for their claims adjusters on how to adjust various types of losses. State Farm has some of the most detailed claims guidelines in the industry. I have often stated that for first-party claims, relevant claims guidelines should also be provided to the policyholders who suffer losses. Why not?… Continue Reading

Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting and the Lon Smith Roofing Case Should Scare Contractors and Roofers with Contingent Contracts

Public adjusters and policyholder attorneys were enamored with the possibility of filing class action lawsuits against contractors and roofers with contingent fee contracts or contracts that include public adjuster services. Contractors, roofers and their attorneys writing these types of contracts should be on Red Alert because those types of contracts are illegal and could result … Continue Reading

Review of Texas Department of Insurance Bulletins on Roof Replacement with Multiple Overlays

Note: This is a guest blog written by Dwayne Hall, a public insurance adjuster in Texas. On June 11, 1993, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) issued a bulletin to address replacement of damaged roofs. The bulletin specifically set forth the position of the Department regarding the payment of a claim for a roof damaged loss … Continue Reading

Are the Necessary Components Making Up a Roof Divisible and Separate?

In Gutkowski v. Oklahoma Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Company,1 the insurance carrier (Farmers) found that the policyholder’s roof warranted a complete replacement due to hail damage. Farmers only agreed to pay for the “direct physical loss to the composition shingles,” though, and not the “decking to which the composition singles were attached.”2 Farmers argued that, … Continue Reading

Roof Insurance Claims – Damaged Newer Roof Over Old or Overlaid Roof

Roof insurance claim disputes are on the rise because insurance companies are closely monitoring the scope of roof repair. Roofing contractors and public adjusters call me with novel arguments made by insurance adjusters to limit amounts paid following roof damage. I pity the unfortunate insurance claimant with no expertise trying to handle their own roof … Continue Reading

Roofers Posing as Public Adjusters

The insurance claims industry has a quiet battle raging with the roofing restoration industry. Insurance companies dislike some roofers’ sales tactics involving assignments of rights, agreeing to absorb deductibles, scope and pricing. Insurance companies have accused some roofing contractors of outright fraud.… Continue Reading

State Farm Faces Criminal Probe Regarding Roof Claim Handling

State Farm advertises extensively to promote an image of providing "Good Neighbor" service. Since many insurance companies have a less than sterling reputation, this marketing strategy is important. So, when ABC News has a headline that reads, State Farm Faces Criminal Investigation Over Hurricane Claims, you can bet executives at State Farm’s home office are asking … Continue Reading

Understanding Hail Damage Claims: New Asphalt Shingles are More Resistant to Hail Impact than Older Shingles

I am learning much from hail damage claims throughout the United States. While I mentioned Phoenix hail damage claims in Arizona Office Opened—Hail Damage Claims Disputed, I was in St. Louis, Missouri, for a mediation yesterday regarding a Kansas City hail storm claim dispute. The Gateway Arch was clear from the office building where the mediation … Continue Reading

Hail Damage: McAllen, Texas

When you think about hail damage in Texas, many of you probably think about the hail storm that hit the Dallas area a few months back. However, Dallas isn’t the only city in Texas ravaged by a severe hail storm recently. McAllen, Texas, is still suffering the effects of not one, but two hail storms … Continue Reading

Leaking Roofs are Springing Up Over Southern California

Recently, I have heard complaints regarding the aftermath of the unusually high winds Southern California experienced last year. After our extensive period of "hurricane force" winds, Southern Californians are now discovering that just because their roofs look alright, the wind didn’t cause substantial damage. Most people consider a roof damaged by wind only if a … Continue Reading

Senate Bill 12-038 May Have Unintended Consequences for Colorado Homeowners and Public Adjusters

Among the new proposed legislation making its way through the Colorado legislature this year is Colorado Senate Bill No. 38, “Concerning Measures To Protect Consumers Who Engage A Roofing Contractor To Perform Roofing Services On Residential Property.” The bill is sponsored by Democratic Senator Lois Tochtrop and Republican House Representative Glenn Vaad.… Continue Reading

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Experiences Tornado Force Winds– Roof Damage May Not Be Apparent Until After Significant Snowmelt or Rain

On December 1, 2011, Steamboat Springs experienced wind speeds equivalent to an F2 tornado or a level three hurricane. Gusts of 123 mph were recorded at ski area peaks. Captured in a video on NBC’s channel 9 local news is the severe roof and window damage the winds caused to the condos in the village.… Continue Reading

Hurricane Force Winds Give Rise to Hidden Roof Damage

Last week, I discussed the gale-force wind gusts that plagued Southern California and how these unusually strong Santa Ana winds brought widespread destruction to property. Unlike Hurricane Alley, Southern California is usually immune to hurricane force winds, and the roofs of most structures in this region are rarely forced to endure this kind of storm.… Continue Reading