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The TWIA Roof Damage Memo: Checking Basic References to Resolve Adjustment Questions

The post from this morning, Internal Texas Windstorm Roofing Claims Memo Explains Damage is Not Covered, raised a number of interesting methods to research this coverage issue. Many risk managers and public adjusters will simply call me to get a quick opinion regarding many day to day coverage issues. I thought it might be interesting … Continue Reading

The Insurance Adjuster’s Dilemma: Tell the Truth and Face the Consequences By Raising Claim Practice Misconduct

Mark Phillips recently posted a comment in Surplus Lines Insurers, Sinkholes, and the Law of Mars, which would probably terminate his employment as an adjuster for telling the truth if he were still an Independent Adjuster: "I handled numerous loss adjustments for a South Florida MGA broker who had arranged his own "excess surplus lines" authority … Continue Reading

Surplus Lines Insurers, Sinkholes, and the Law of Mars

Surplus lines insurance companies are a different breed of insurance cat. They are not admitted carriers in the state in which they do business. Thus, most states have consumer protection laws specifically regarding how surplus lines insurance carriers can do business. Surplus lines carriers are very important to the insurance marketplace. They will often insure … Continue Reading

Insurance Company Experts Are Often Biased And Outcome Oriented

Our firm has friends in the insurance industry and other sources of information who have privately provided evidence of wrongdoing by insurance companies. On more than one occasion, documents evidencing wrongful insurance claims conduct have appeared on my front door or in unmarked mail with anonymous notes asking that the information be disseminated. Sometimes, the … Continue Reading

Insurance Adjusters Dislike Public Adjusters

I was going to use the word "hate," but that is too strong for everybody. The truth is that many insurance company adjusters hate some public adjusters. Public adjusters are thought of as the enemy by most insurance company claims departments. I do not think those claims departments visualize me as a white knight, either.… Continue Reading