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John Garaffa on Insurable Interest

It is amusing and almost stunning to find others who used to be young attorney “rookies” in this field of property insurance law become masters. John Garaffa of Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig, is now a master in this field of law. He captured the room of property insurance law lawyers with what would normally be … Continue Reading

Uninsured Loss Recovery for Policyholders and Subrogation Opportunities for Insurers: True Win/Win Claims Scenarios

Ever get a job assignment you wish went to anybody other than you? The First Party Claims Conference had one speaker drop out of a presentation, Subrogation Opportunities Do’s and Don’ts, for which Jean Niven of our firm was the co-panelist. I had not prepared materials for a presentation nor given a public speech on … Continue Reading

Federal Flood Proofs of Loss Due on Friday and a Flood Case Showing How Unfair it Can Be to Fight National Flood in Court

Just a reminder, my post, FEMA Grants An Additional 60 Day Extension For Ike And Gustav Victims To File Flood Proofs Of Loss, indicated that the deadline for having Flood Proofs of Loss in the hands of the flood insurers is on Friday, August 7, 2009. Please check for any changes and bulletins. In another … Continue Reading

Increased Cost of Compliance to Code and Ordinance or Law Coverage for a Typical Loss Situation

Every now and then, Courts follow the rule of law that insurance policies are supposed to be interpreted as a regular person would do so—not as a trained insurance law expert would interpret them. In DEB Associates v. Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company, 407 N.J. Super. 287, 970 A.2d 1074 (N.J.Super. A.D. June 1, … Continue Reading

Butler Pappas–A Familiar Foe

Paul Butler was my first legal mentor. John Pappas was a classmate of mine at the University of Florida School of Law, and the best man in my wedding. They have built a hundred attorney law firm representing solely insurance companies. We have cases against them all the time. As they are physically located several floors below us … Continue Reading