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Mississippi is “Moving Slow as Molasses in January”

On August 17, 2018, the 49th anniversary of Hurricane Camille, the benchmark in Mississippi for devastation and survivability prior to the impact of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Mississippi Insurance Department (“MID”) filed its adoption of Rule 34.11 to amend the Mississippi Homeowner Insurance Policyholder Bill of Rights (“Policyholder Bill of Rights”) to include an … Continue Reading

Amy Bach and United Policyholders Supports Mississippi Insurance Protections

Amy Bach and others with United Policyholders provide a longtime and steadfast consumer protection organization devoted solely to the interests of policyholders. With extensive experience and appreciation of how much legislation can impact insurance coverage and claims, Bach provides a unique perspective with expertise on a national level concerning insurance policy and insurance regulation. Policyholders need more … Continue Reading

Mississippi Anticoncurrent Causation Language Is Dead

Mississippi State Senator David Baria admitted that his proposed legislative bill of rights for policyholders is “dead.” Mississippi S.B. 2196 would have eliminated anticoncurrent causation exclusionary language from property insurance policies. The Mississippi Senate Insurance Committee failed to act on the bill, thereby killing any attempt to enact a bill of rights. Unlike other states, … Continue Reading

Moving From Insurance Regulator Of State Farm To State Farm’s Counsel

I met Ralph Nader in San Diego about a decade ago. He remarked that a major problem with Departments of Insurance is that most have a revolving door to and from the insurance companies they supposedly regulate. Nader implied that unless laws prevent insurance companies, their vendors and law firms from hiring those who supposedly … Continue Reading

Mississippi Insurance Department Finds State Farm Wrongdoing But Not With Evil Intent

The Mississippi Department of Insurance finally issued its report regarding State Farm’s claims handling following Hurricane Katrina. The findings were long and will undoubtedly be subject to criticism and interpretation. I am certain State Farm publicists will try to undermine the Rigsby sisters’ claims even more since the report essentially concluded that their assertions were unsubstantiated. … Continue Reading