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Citizens Clearinghouse—A Method to Make Citizens an Insurer of Last Resort

Florida law should reflect public policy that Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is the insurer of last resort. Currently, Citizens is merely the insurance agent’s insurer of last resort. I propose legislation be enacted that makes a clearinghouse for admitted insurers to take policies before they get into Citizens and before Citizens renews any policy.… Continue Reading

Differing Perspectives on Citizens Rate Increases

I wanted to make sure you saw a feature published this week by the Sunshine State News. The piece is called the Soapbox, and it bills itself as a lively debate among political opinion leaders across the state. This week, the topic of discussion was Citizens rates, and I was asked to participate along side … Continue Reading

Florida’s Most Vocal Insurance Industry Watchdog Seeks Familiar Home

In case you haven’t seen the news, Senator Mike Fasano, one of Florida’s most vocal and effective advocates on insurance issues, recently announced his intention to run for the Florida State House of Representatives. This, of course, comes as welcome news to all those who have fought against the insurance industry’s tireless lobbying efforts.… Continue Reading

Property Insurance Bills move through Committee as 2012 Legislative Session Nears

The 2012 Legislative session is right around the corner. It’s hard to believe December has already arrived, leaving only one more committee week before session begins on Tuesday, January 10, 2012. Many bills favored by leadership have already cleared their first major hurdle by navigating through at least one committee.… Continue Reading

Tallahassee Spotlight: Mike Fasano

Throughout my career, I have spent a great deal of time in Tallahassee, working on a broad range of insurance issues. Even with that experience, Tallahassee is a strange place to me. It is also a distant place to most Floridians – both in location and in familiarity. Some of us know the legislators in … Continue Reading

Will Citizens Property Insurance Go Out of Business?

Paige St. John reported on another blockbuster insurance story over the weekend in Gov. Scott Quietly Trying to Kill Citizens Insurance. After obtaining internal government documents and emails, St. John reported: Gov. Rick Scott has secretly pushed to kill Citizens Property Insurance before his first term ends… In a February meeting with the industry lobbyists writing … Continue Reading

Is the Proposed Property Insurance Bill Bad for the Average Florida Insurance Consumer?

Governor Charlie Crist will certainly be asking himself the question whether the property insurance legislation before him is bad for average Florida insurance consumers. Yesterday’s afternoon post, Pay Higher Premiums and Get Less Coverage Legislation — Can Anybody Explain Why This is Good for Floridians? provided a simple explanation of why many are calling for Governor … Continue Reading

Senators Mike Fasano and Rhonda Storms Come to the Rescue of Policyholders

The Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee has a number of very intelligent and very well meaning members. Two of them, Senator Rhonda Storms and Mike Fasano stood up yesterday to the insurance lobbyists who know little about insurance, but a lot about propaganda and politics. Full time and professional insurance lobbyists have one agenda–achieve their … Continue Reading

A Man of His Word: Unlike Other Flip Flop Politicians on Insurance Rates, Crist Sticks to His Promise

The Florida legislator is full of "flip flop" legislators that are reversing laws made in 2005 and 2006 which supported lower insurance rates and protected insurance consumers from unscrupulous insurers. Governor Charlie Crist ran on a platform of helping Floridians keep insurance rates down and he is sticking to that promise even as other politicians … Continue Reading

Senator Fasano Defends His View Regarding Opting Out of Sinkhole Coverages

I wonder how our clients, the Leeds, would feel if they had purchased only catastrophic sinkhole coverage or no sinkhole coverage, rather than the normal sinkhole coverage required when they purchased their "all-risk" insurance policy. Their home slowly but surely cracked, drooped, and sank over several years before it was condemned. If they "saved" money … Continue Reading

Associated Industries and Private Insurers Want Florida Policyholders to Pay as Much as Possible for Property Insurance

Florida Senator Mike Fasano, a public servant ever vigilant about consumers of regulated industries getting ripped by the amounts they have to pay for mandated services and products, forwarded a recent news article, “Group Backs Florida Property Insurance Rate Hike.” When the Florida legislators and Governor were concerned about the severe escalation of property insurance premiums … Continue Reading

Protective Safeguard and State Farm Discounts Disappearing: The Fleeting Loyalty of Insurers to Customers

Two significant pieces of information show a continued trend in the property insurance business and suggests that insurance customers should not rely on the loyalty of their insurance companies. An article by Bea Garcia in the Miami Herald, Florida May Gut Discounts for Hurricane Shutters highlights the industry wide issues raised by State Farm’s requests to eliminate discounts … Continue Reading

Merlin Law Group Hosting Public Adjuster Ethics Seminar Followed by a Political Fundraiser for a Public Adjuster Running for Public Office

Imagine if our legislatures had truly knowledgeable insurance consumer advocates. Do you think the insurance industry would have tried to pass laws in Texas and Florida that allowed insurance rates to unfairly rise or allow immunity for wrongful conduct after a loss occurs like TWIA is attempting in Texas?… Continue Reading