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The Windstorm Conference: A Claims and Insurance Law Conference That Cannot Be Missed

Insurance defense attorney Janet Brown founded a valuable organization and conference for the windstorm insurance industry where ideas and lessons are shared every year. The 12th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference will be held in Houston on January 24-27, 2011. For claims adjusters and those involved with hurricane or tornado losses, this is a "can’t miss" event.… Continue Reading

Umpire Certification for Property Insurance Appraisals and an Umpire Code of Ethics by The Windstorm Insurance Network

One of the more successful professional organizations that I have been involved with over the past decade is the Windstorm Network. Insurance defense attorney, Janet Brown, conceived the idea. It has an Umpire Program that provides classes for certification for the appraisal of property insurance disputes, an Umpire Directory, and a Code of Ethics, which has been approved … Continue Reading