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Exclusions in States That Have a Statutory Standard Form Fire Insurance Policy

Insurers often issue property insurance policies intended cover multiple perils (e.g. water damage and fire). While insurers often include a number of exclusions in their policies, in states with statutory standard form fire policies (such as California), insurers cannot apply exclusions that substantially vary from the terms and conditions in the standard form fire policy … Continue Reading

FEMA Issues Bulletin on Use of Experts by WYO Carriers

As we enter a new year, FEMA has issued WYO Bulletin W-16091, “Guidance on the Use of Expert Services.” The purpose of the memorandum is “to ensure transparent and consistent claims handling for all policyholders” and to provide “guidance on the use of services provided by subject-matter experts as part of specific claims investigations.”… Continue Reading

Gatlinburg Fires and Valued Policy Law in Tennessee

I am taking a quick break from my series on claims handling guidelines to write about an issue that is probably just coming up for many folks in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The other night I was showing my wife Chip Merlin’s blog about the Gatlinburg fires and then we looked at photos of the devastation there. … Continue Reading

Important Reminder for Texas Public Adjusters: Reopening File and Re-inspection of Loss Does Not Change Deadline to File Suit

All public adjusters would love to get retained as soon as possible after the date of loss. Unfortunately, often, the public adjuster gets hired months or even a year after the date of loss. In that case, if the first notice of claim filed with the carrier comes from the public adjuster then the carrier … Continue Reading

Florida Hurricane Matthew Claims – Payment of Undisputed Amounts

States differ regarding the time frame required for a first-party property insurance carrier to pay undisputed amounts on a claim. In Florida, for a residential first-party property insurance claim, the carrier is required to pay undisputed amounts within 90 days after receipt of notice of the claim, if these three things have occurred:1 The insurer … Continue Reading

Claims Handling Requirements by State – New Jersey

I was recently asked by a collegue how long an insurance carrier has to pay a claim once it has been submitted. Because I maintain a database of regulations for the fifty states at my desk, I could answer the question quickly, but I realized that having a quick reference for these materials might be … Continue Reading

The Pain of Loss Following a Catastrophe

David Hisey is a great guy and has worked for the insurance industry forever. He ran the Winsdstorm Network’s golf tournament for over a decade. The picture above is his burned home from the recent Gatlinburg wildfire. Losing everything and the memories associated with your home is one of the worst emotional times in life. … Continue Reading

Personal Property Inventory Valuation Matters

Have you ever tried to determine the value of everything you own? It is not an easy task, and as time goes on you accumulate more personal property items, the task gets even more difficult. Valuation is a critical part of an insurance claim, and a recent court ruling considered an insureds unrelated bankruptcy in … Continue Reading

Coinsurance Problem? Consider Filing on an Actual Cash Value Basis

Coinsurance issues were a topic at The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters meeting yesterday. One suggestion by the panel was to consider whether the policyholder would be better off filing a claim on an actual cash value basis rather than a replacement cost basis to reduce the amount or applicability of a coinsurance penalty.… Continue Reading

Incentive Pay to Lower Insurance Claims to Policyholders Still Exists

The recent Wells Fargo calamity of opening customer accounts without permission underscores how financial incentives can promote unethical behavior by employees on the front line of servicing customers. I was asked by a reporter involved with stories of the recent Tennessee wildfire whether insurance companies offer incentive pay to their claims managers.… Continue Reading

What Constitutes Enforcement of a Building Ordinance or Law?

“Ordinance or law” property insurance coverage is typically triggered when, following a covered loss to a covered building, an insured incurs certain costs due to the enforcement of an ordinance or law1 requiring or regulating the demolition, construction, or repair of buildings.2 What does enforcement mean for purposes of triggering building ordinance or law coverage? … Continue Reading

Calculating Depreciation: Are Generic Tables Reliable or Based on Any Scientific Study?

Depreciation tables were first introduced to me when studying accounting at the University of Florida. The tables were based on tax schedules and other accounting methods which usually had nothing to do with the actual depreciation of an item. Indeed, if you used tax depreciation tables, some items could be written off immediately despite little … Continue Reading

National Conference for Public Adjusters Coming Very Soon: December 8-10

The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters will host their Mid-Year Conference in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. The conference will begin on Thursday, December 8th and conclude mid-day on Saturday, December 10th. Having the National Association host this conference in South Florida is a wonderful opportunity and public insurance adjusters should join NAPIA and network … Continue Reading

North Carolina Disaster Assistance Deadline for Survivors of Hurricane Matthew Extended to January 9, 2017

FEMA has approved a 31-day extension for Hurricane Matthew survivors to apply for federal disaster assistance. Survivors now have until January 9, 2017, to register with FEMA. The new deadline also applies to homeowners, renters and businesses submitting applications for low-interest disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration.… Continue Reading