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Hurricane Season is Back and Predicted Near of Above Normal

Now that we are in June, Atlantic hurricane season is officially upon us. I write this while sitting in our Houston office that was closed less ten months ago following Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. Many homes and businesses are still damaged and Houston continues to feel the effects of Harvey. However, let’s take a moment to … Continue Reading

2017 Hurricane Season Recap

The Ruskin National Weather Service in conjunction with the Port Heavy Weather Advisory Group, which covers West Florida, published the attached recap of the 2017 Hurricane Season. I thought it was a great summary of what happened and discusses the major storms we faced during the 2017 Hurricane Season. The summary warns that La Niña … Continue Reading

Hurricane Harbour’s Bobbi Storm Correctly Calls Naples Landfall

Many forecasters called for Hurricane Irma to stay five to ten miles off Florida’s west coast. This would expose us to the worst winds and historic flood surge. One quirky and dedicated hurricane expert, Bobbi Storm, called for mainland landfall in Naples. IRMA LANDFALL …MARCO ISLAND, EVERGLADES CITY .. NAPLES … MOVING N TMOBILE DOWN … Continue Reading

The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season has Started and Experts Predict Worst Hurricane Season Since Superstorm Sandy

For those on the Northeast who had to face the wrath of Superstorm Sandy, it is too soon to imagine another Sandy, let alone anything worse than Sandy. However, the reality, experts say, is that “[e]ight hurricanes are predicted for this year’s hurricane season, perhaps the most since Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey in 2012.”1… Continue Reading

National Hurricane Center’s New Storm Surge Alerts

The 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season starts June 1st. This year, Gulf and Atlantic coast residents that have a significant risk of life-threatening inundation by storm surge from a tropical cyclone will receive a new set of alerts from the National Hurricane Center.… Continue Reading

2013 Hurricane Season Officially Ends–Prognosticators Flunk

Hurricane prognosticators have hit an embarrassing low in 2013. Zero, zip and nada is what happened. They predicted just the opposite with at least 11 major storms predicted to strike. Shaun Marker noted the high predictions in Kloztbach and Gray Predict Hurricane Season Well Above the Historical Average for the Last Century.… Continue Reading

Hurricane Season 2013

The 2013 Hurricane Season is just around the corner. I normally do not worry much about early season hurricanes because the "big ones" normally do not start rolling until August. Still, this time of the year a number of prognosticators release their predictions about the upcoming hurricane season. I suggest a better use of one’s … Continue Reading

Tropical Storm Isaac Update

From my home office, the weather is beautiful: sunny skies and a light breeze blowing through the palm trees. Yesterday was also a picture perfect day in most of Florida, but the Bay area is now under a Tropical Storm Watch as all eyes keep a close look on Isaac. The nice morning weather we … Continue Reading

Even Though NOAA Has Predicted The 2012 Hurricane Season To Be “Less Active” Than Recent Years, Hurricane Preparedness Should Be Taken Seriously

The official start of hurricane season was June 1st. This time of year marks the start of summer, means kids are done with school, and thoughts of summer vacations and summer camps may consume everyone’s spare time. Hurricane preparedness often takes a back seat. However, those that devote just a little bit of time for … Continue Reading

The Real Tropical Hurricane Season Begins

Ferocious hurricanes most often strike the United States in late August and September. Tropical waves and weather disturbances are commonplace this time of the year. Each could potentially become dangerous and threaten the United States. People should check their hurricane preparedness plans for last minute preparation. The way I look at the weather map, there … Continue Reading

Hurricane Models and SB 408

The Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology (FCHLPM) recently approved catastrophe modeling firm Risk Management Solutions’ new hurricane model. The FCHLPM, an independent body of experts, was created by the Legislature in 1995 to develop standards and review hurricane loss models used in the development of residential property insurance rates and the calculation of … Continue Reading

The 2011 Hurricane Season Is Predicted To Be Above-Average In Activity In The Atlantic Basin

Currently, many people may be focused on Spring-break vacations and thinking about the start of summer being right around the corner. There are some experts who are focused on another thing — predicting Hurricane activity for the 2011 Hurricane season. The official start of the hurricane season is June 1st in the Atlantic Basin. This … Continue Reading

Sinkholes Remain in the News While Eyes are on Hurricane Earl

Since 2004, the majority of our law firm’s large insurance battles have focused on hurricane loss insurance disputes. It is not surprising that we are getting phone calls from people asking whether our firm will open offices somewhere between North Carolina and Boston as Hurricane Earl is projected to hit that area. I was surprised by a … Continue Reading