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Emergency Powers Exists to Enable Hurricane Recovery for Florida Community Associations

Once Hurricane Irma passes and recovery efforts begin, the many volunteers who agreed to serve on boards of community associations will have daunting challenges. Buildings will need to be secured from further water intrusion, and units that are water-soaked will need to be dried out. The storm debris ranging from damaged landscaping to destroyed roofing … Continue Reading

Hurricane Hermine has Vast Impact

Critics thought that the storm was hyped too much because for such a long time, it was known only as a TD9. Now, Hurricane Hermine has made landfall as a Category One Hurricane just east of St. Marks, Florida but the impact that this storm has caused severe impacts many counties. A state of emergency … Continue Reading

“At War With The Weather” is a Must Read for Those Involved in the Debate of the Florida Property Insurance Market

My appointment by Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist to the Citizens Mission Review Task Force afforded me the opportunity to learn about and have a small voice in the Florida insurance marketplace. At War With the Weather: Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes is a significant academic work which our regulators and legislators … Continue Reading

Responding to the Media About The Insurance Financial Crisis

The Tampa Tribune ran an editorial on January 12th regarding the Citizens Mission Review Task Force. As usual, I had something to say about their opinion, and wrote the the following reply, which was published in Sunday’s paper: Florida Dangerously Vulnerable This is in response to the Jan. 12 editorial, "New Ideas Could Bring Sound Hurricane Coverage." … Continue Reading

Tropical Weather Expert Calls for Hurricane Mitigation

Dr. Steve Lyons, The Weather Channel’s Tropical Weather Expert, has admitted that he has been interested in property insurance and rates for the past fifteen years. He recently posted on the Weather Blog his opinion is that Florida’s only long term solution to high insurance rates is to mandate that building codes be enforced so that buildings … Continue Reading