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Florida Consumer Organization Supports Reinsurers Against Insurance Tax

Merlin Law Group supports the Florida Consumer Action Network. Known as FCAN, it is a grassroots consumer organization which attempts to influence public policy by organizing and educating government leaders on matters of consumer interests. In a democratic government where corporate business interests are constantly bombarding our leaders with self-interest propaganda, these non-profit consumer groups are important and … Continue Reading

Influence and Passion Revisted: The Art of Conflict Resolution Even if Insurers are Hard Nosed and In Your View Not Playing Fairly

Following yesterday’s post, What is a Bad Faith Claim? Or, When Does an Insurance Claim Wrongfully Handled Become a Bad Faith Claim?, there were a couple of posts suggesting that class action lawsuits were the answer to wrongful claims practices. Frankly, most policyholders are more successful financially with individual cases than through class action cases … Continue Reading

Effective Endgame Communications

Most cases resolve before a trial. While thorough preparation for trial is paramount, most of our policyholder clients want a resolution as quickly as possible and for a much as possible. Settling a case for less than its value is an easy way to get a quick resolution. Settling a case for more than its … Continue Reading