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The Value of Networking and Sharing Insurance Claims Information Between Policyholders

Formal discovery in insurance lawsuits is replete with protracted discovery battles, insurers motions for protective orders, and evasive responses from insurers trying to avoid turning over information damaging to their case. Historically, some of our biggest breakthroughs have come from "alternative" sources… Continue Reading

The Insurance Adjuster’s Dilemma: Tell the Truth and Face the Consequences By Raising Claim Practice Misconduct

Mark Phillips recently posted a comment in Surplus Lines Insurers, Sinkholes, and the Law of Mars, which would probably terminate his employment as an adjuster for telling the truth if he were still an Independent Adjuster: "I handled numerous loss adjustments for a South Florida MGA broker who had arranged his own "excess surplus lines" authority … Continue Reading

Changing The Focus

 A year ago the news from Mississippi largely concerned insurance claims practices, trials, and significant settlements. Except for the recent article of our firm’s settlement of twenty two cases against State Farm, the media focus has been on alleged corruption of some policyholder attorneys, especially Dickie Scruggs. Insurance industry leaders must be smiling because this … Continue Reading