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Court Rules in Favor of Policyholders for Suit Brought for Damages Caused by Chinese Drywall, Part 2

Last week, my post discussed Chinese Drywall litigation specific to policyholders seeking coverage for their damages under residential policies of insurance. This week, I continue to discuss the case of Walker v. Teachers Insurance Company, which is currently pending in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida, Civil Trial Division. Most recently, Judge Robert Foster granted the … Continue Reading

Chinese Drywall Claims Not Covered Under Homeowners Policies

The Chinese Drywall coverage litigation involving first party property insurance policies has been discussed in the past. Are Chinese Drywall Problems Covered Under Property Insurance Policies? discussed the complex issues involved and warned that these losses may not be covered. FC&S Says Ensuing Loss Coverage Applies to Chinese Drywall Claims and Chinese Drywall Claims May … Continue Reading

Chinese Drywall Claims May Be Covered Under Homeowners Policy–Favorable Developments in Louisiana

First party insurance claims involving Chinese drywall have been given some hope from recent Louisiana trial court rulings. Two trial court rulings in Simon Finger and Rebecca Finger vs. Audubon Insurance Company, No. 09-8071 (Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, March 22, 2010), struck three affirmative defenses of the homeowners’ insurance company that … Continue Reading

More Chinese Drywall Claim Coverage News

Charles Miller is a respected insurance claims expert whom I have retained as a consultant and testifying expert on various matters over the past decade. I enjoy debating and discussing various insurance claims and coverage issues with him.… Continue Reading

Ensuing or Resulting Loss, and the Burden of Proving Causation Explained Simply

I am always looking for "an edge." Just something to get a better chance of winning for my client–like all good litigators. This morning’s post, Chinese Drywall Losses Covered Under First Party Property Insurance Policy, mentioned how going to a NAPIA Conference can give a policyholder’s advocate that type of "edge." Let me explain how … Continue Reading

FC&S Says Ensuing Loss Coverage Applies to Chinese Drywall Claims

The insurance industry is probably calling and writing the editors of the FC&S Bulletin because the June 2009 edition correctly notes that Ensuing Loss Damage is covered under the ISO form policies for typical Chinese Drywall losses. I recently noted various coverage issues related to Chinese Drywall. A number of these cases are coming to our … Continue Reading