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Do I Have Enough Insurance? Underinsured Homes Are Epidemic

Hurricane Katrina was a huge warning to me about the problem of underinsured homes. We represented hundreds of “slabbed” homes—those where the only thing left was a concrete slab. Virtually all of them were severely underinsured. Some may suggest that this is the most widespread coverage gap.… Continue Reading

How Obtaining Manuals for Insurance Agents Can Help in a Bad Faith Case

In Plaintiffs are Entitled to the Claims File in a Bad Faith Lawsuit, The Big Picture in Discovery of Insurer Claims Practices, Overcoming Work Product Objections that Relate to an Insurer’s Claims Investigation, and Reserves Are Important in Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Claim Disputes, I addressed different kinds of documents that policyholders’ attorneys should … Continue Reading

Learning Obligations of Good Faith Insurance Claims Conduct and Litigation Strategies Through Safeco and Liberty Mutual Examples

Safeco Insurance Company cancelled depositions in a Texas insurance litigation matter yesterday. So, we spent the day working on Safeco and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company discovery and networking with other consumer attorneys who are helping clients with Safeco and Liberty Mutual claims problems. The collegiality of policyholder attorneys helping each other is refreshing. The Texas … Continue Reading

More Chinese Drywall Claim Coverage News

Charles Miller is a respected insurance claims expert whom I have retained as a consultant and testifying expert on various matters over the past decade. I enjoy debating and discussing various insurance claims and coverage issues with him.… Continue Reading

First Party Claims Conference Three Weeks Away

Claims expert Charles Miller reminded me that the First Party Claims Conference is only three weeks away. Most claims conferences involve third party, worker compensation, medical and automobile claims. Few are devoted to first party property insurance claims and coverage issues.… Continue Reading

Insurance Settlement Preparation

The best way to prepare for an insurance settlement is to prepare the case for trial. Trying to predict what would probably happen at trial is a great way to gauge the value of an insurance dispute. I am writing this while flying to New Orleans for a mediation tomorrow morning. This blog post may … Continue Reading