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Insurance Catastrophe Claims Often Deserve a Second Opinion and Possibly a Legal Opinion

Barry Zalma recently wrote an excellent article, Claims in a Catastrophe, in the The CPA Journal. Zalma is a very experienced property insurance attorney. He is a prolific writer of articles and books involving property insurance claims. To all policyholders having felt the impact of 2017 catastrophe claims, one important point in Zalma’s article is … Continue Reading

Policyholder Representatives Who Refuse to Consider Insurance Industry Positions are Ignorant and Foolish

Virtue is to be admired and praised, even in one’s enemies –Niccoló Machiavelli, The Discourses Slabbed is a blog that grates on those in the insurance industry, its legal counsel and proponents. My impression is that because those from the insurance industry do not like the criticism, positions and strong rhetoric, they stop reading Slabbed and … Continue Reading

Zalma Provides A View Shared by Others Regarding Appraisal and a Warning About the Unauthorized Practice of Law

My post, Appraiser Disinterest and Impartiality California Style, lead to a number of comments and opinions about the topic. Yesterday morning Terry Butler, Senior Legal Counsel to the Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate, reported on the various views concerning appraisal at the final session of the Windstorm Conference. Butler sat next to me at the January … Continue Reading

Insurance Companies Have a Good Faith Obligation to Share Evaluations of Damage and Engineering Reports With Their Customers

Imagine a situation where a butcher sliced some meat you ordered, weighed your cut, and then told you that you owed $43.79—but refused to tell you how he calculated the price. Would you simply agree and pay the butcher? Of course not. But this is what happens all the time when insurers refuse to turn … Continue Reading

Fireworks are Loved by Americans–and Insurance Companies Seeking Not to Pay Fourth of July Fires

Fire was the major peril insured by the insurance industry over a hundred years ago. In the tradition that is still commonplace today, insurers wrote specific exclusions into the insurance contracts which limited when they had to pay for loss caused by fire. I guess my friends along the coasts of Mississippi and Texas could … Continue Reading

The Mind Of The Insurance Fraud Adjuster And Investigator

I wonder what was in the minds of clerics charged with uncovering witchcraft? Were they true believers or just doing their job? Did they ever question what they did and the impact of their actions on society? Such thoughts came to my mind as I read Barry Zalma‘s January and February Insurance Fraud Newsletters. Some may question why … Continue Reading

Vandalism, Theft And Arson Insurance Claims Rise

The deteriorating economy appears to be having an impact on our business. We are being referred more insurance disputes involving losses that are directly the result of the souring economy. For the first time in a decade, we have been referred several fire claims that are allegedly of an incendiary (intentionally set) cause. There are … Continue Reading

A Response To The Executive Director Of The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Jay, Maybe yours  and Barry Zalma‘s comments regarding the amount of fraud are correct. However, you provide no objective and reliable data to support your comments. Without that information, your unsupported statistics are little more than fear and suspicion-mongering, which governments and corporations use all the time to influence their citizens and customers. For example, in  … Continue Reading

Insurance Fraud Expert Admits Insurance Industry Makes Up Statistics

I received a comment to a recent blog regarding a perception among many of my colleagues that insurance companies are fabricating the amount of insurance fraud that goes on in the United States. I think the comment is important to highlight because it is an admission that the insurance industry fabricated those statistics. Barry Zalma wrote in part: … Continue Reading