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How to File a Complaint with the Alabama Department of Insurance About Your Delaying, Denying, and Bad Treating Insurance Company

Alabama policyholders can seek assistance with their insurance claims through the Alabama Department of Insurance website found here. When a policyholder feels they have hit a wall working with the adjuster(s) assigned to their insurance claim, Alabama provides an Online Consumer Complaint Form that can be submitted to the Department of Insurance.… Continue Reading

Alabama Bad Faith: Part 1

I was recently approached by a policyholder inquiring whether he had a viable claim for bad faith under Alabama law. In responding to his inquiry I did quite a bit of research and will share my findings with you now in this two-part blog on Alabama Bad Faith.… Continue Reading

Alabama Statute of Limitations

Last April I became licensed as an attorney in the State of Alabama. When discussing claims with insureds, one of the first questions asked is, “what is the statute of limitations in xxxxx state?” Our blog has not addressed the statute of limitations in Alabama, and below is a quick cheat sheet for Alabama insureds.… Continue Reading

Alabama Mandates Insurance Companies provide Homeowners with Bill of Rights

Effective July 13, 2013, Alabama Code §§27-22-40 though 27-22-45 will require new and renewal homeowners insurance policies to include an Outline of Coverage and a Comprehensive Policy Checklist. In addition, all insurance companies writing residential policies in Alabama must post on their websites the twelve “minimum standards” to be followed.… Continue Reading

What Constitutes a Total loss in Alabama?

Throughout the past several weeks, I have looking at total loss standards in different states around the country. Certain states, typically those in the path of natural disasters, have studied the issue many times. One state that surprisingly had very little case law touching on the subject is Alabama. However, a deep look into some … Continue Reading

Tuscaloosa Tornados Cause Catastrophic Damage

I saw the most beautiful and most tragic sights from the air yesterday. The space shuttle was clearly visible, like a flying yellow fire torch, above the clouds in the bright morning blue sky. As it came through the cloud cover, Endeavor was an inspiring sight.… Continue Reading

Gulf Coast Insurance Coverage Update

This morning I am in Dallas at the Windstorm Symposium. Steve Pate and I will be giving a presentation about the most significant property insurance cases from the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Lousiana and Texas over the past year.… Continue Reading

Oilpocalypse Now!

The estimates of oil escaping were far too low. At first it was, "we dodged a bullet." Then, it was 1,000 barrels a day. Then, 5,000. And now, 25,000 barrels a day are flowing from the ocean floor. The Wall Street Journal has been excellent in its reporting:… Continue Reading

BP Oil Spill Could Be Worse Than Any Hurricane Damage and Much More Widespread–Even the East Coast of Florida Could Be Impacted

I hate to make doomsday predictions, but there is a possibility that the BP Oil Spill could be worse than any hurricane or catastrophe that I have been involved with. I spent yesterday speaking with others about the current situation. Indeed, my father teaches those in the oil industry how to recover and react to … Continue Reading